Who we are


Ai Architects is a Boutique Architectural Practice, founded by Aristotelis Irzenski in late 2007. Ai Architects is a young practise that treats every project as a unique experience that needs to be nurtured into becoming the final as-built living product. We are a small office that constantly strives to learn – research & development are key to staying current and up to date.

Our Project Portfolio is diverse ranging from Mixed-Use Buildings, Residential Housing & Complexes, Commercial Developments, Transportation, Medical, Storage Facilities, Sports & Leisure Facilities, Hospitality & Entertainment, as well as Conservation.

Interior Design is undertaken by Ai Architects as an extension to most of the Projects we are assigned. In some cases, we are awarded purely Interior Design Projects, Renovations (Listed Buildings / Conservation of Monuments and not only) and Additions to Existing Buildings.

Ai Architects have the necessary experience to support Projects that we are not the Architects of, Technical Project Representation for Foreign and Local Clients, for Groups of Companies and Organised Funds that need independent controls. Our expertise also spans over to assisting and advising our Clients on specific land acquisitions for a given purpose and use.

Finally, our expertise also spans over to Project Management and Value Engineering that includes coordinating Professional input from Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Energy Efficiency Certification, Quantity Surveying and other counterpart Consultants based on given Project necessities.


The environmental impact is key to how we approach all our designs, but the most important factor is to minimize running costs and maximize the quality of life within the designed spaces, without having to constantly worry about running costs. We work closely with trusted consultants that can offer the needed support, to be able to justify the direction we take at the early stages in the design process.

We develop tailor-made designs that are suited to the location & orientation without impacting the surroundings negatively and likewise not allowing the surroundings to impact the Project negatively. The Client Brief necessitates the Design Direction we take so that we can achieve the best and most productive results for the Project.

The green approach we take is a blend and marriage of all necessary systems that are best suited for the Architectural Design, Living Comfort & Running Costs, with a non-excessive value for money balanced outcome. A-Class Energy Efficiency regulations help to achieve the desired results in today’s market.

We incorporate minimum maintenance finishes, thermal systems that together with the heating & cooling solutions provide the best overall value for money approach.


The process of design starts with a close understanding of the Client’s needs in preparing a specific brief that allows us to move to the next levels of design.

The direction Ai Architects takes in the design process depends very much on the Client, we cater to the needs of the Client without compromising our professional position maintaining the necessary neutrality and dedication to a ”what’s best for the Project” approach.

Ai Architects are very versatile due to market requirements, and research plays a vital role in how we approach Project Design.

Taking part in competitions allows us to work outside of an everyday mould, this helps us in giving back to ongoing projects we work on day to day in the office. We believe that in most cases an A-Z architectural package approach is crucial in achieving quality management and a satisfied Client.

Architecture instils an emotion when one looks at/walks through/touches & interacts with a building, and we want our Clients and those who experience our Architecture to feel positive emotions.


As the Founder of Ai Architects, I always firmly believed that beyond the necessity of having like-minded people around you, I’ve always felt the importance of having the right variety of people with the necessary diversity to be able to give back something different to our Clientele than just the expected Architectural Product. The Practice employs Architects, Interior Designers, Industrial Designers & Graphic Designers.

Ai Architects bring together people that can deliver something a little bit different than the everyday normal.

Outsourcing is also important depending on Project necessity where 3D Artists, Photographers and many more are hired Project-based to achieve the desired final result. Productivity is the key within a given environment based on the necessities of that environment.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that Ai Architects Operations System was tailor-made in-house as a one of a kind contemporary tool, that is based on simplicity of use and functions seamlessly as an internal operations manual and guidelines. This in turn makes working with external counterparts extremely productive and more professional.