LEVEL Architectural Lighting Showroom

Dimco -

Annex 4 Nicosia

LEVEL Architectural Lighting is under the umbrella of Dimco PLC, the largest Lighting Retailers in Cyprus, offering the supply of high end lighting including Lighting Design Consultation & Project Management Services Solutions.

Ai Architects Designed the LEVEL Showroom based on Client necessities that needed to showcase Design Collections as the focal point that would dictate the overall Design Direction, as well as Technical, Architectural Indoor & Outdoor Collections. Ai Architects were involved in choosing the Design Collections and integrating Technical & Architectural Collections into the space:

  • Ai Architects were involved in choosing the Design Collections as well as integrating Technical & Architectural Collections into the space
  • Bespoke Customised Exhibit Furniture Units were designed around lighting choices that were to be showcased, ranging from free standing, wall, ceiling and floating fixtures (staying flexible for future changes and stock replacements)
  • All Exhibit Units can be adapted to accommodate future replacements fixtures
  • The LEVEL Design Team Offices are located on the Mezzanine with low panoramic windows allowing for visual interaction with the Showroom
  • The Main Entrance Portal directs you onto the runway that splits the Showroom space naturally into 2 Zones, with a floating reflection of the runway ceiling mesh backlit to create the desired effect. The Reception Zone is visible from the moment one enters the Showroom and is centrally located
  • General Lighting for the space does not interfere with the Exhibits and is like a back drop

Year of Construction


Year of Design



408 sq.m


Mechanical Engineers: GEMAC

Electrical Engineers: OptronicsPlus


Photo credits: Creative Photo Room