The Bank of Cyprus Flagship Store in Nicosia – Bespoke Details

by | Jan 31 | 2021

The Bank of Cyprus Flagship Store – Bespoke External ATMs, Reception Sign & Tellers’ Covid Safety Screens

The External ATMs were designed with simplicity at its core, so that they could be easily incorporated into any of the future branches that will now follow the New BOC Facelift. The Design helped to allow the ATMs to not take away from the simple lines of the KBCNorth Building, even with the contrasting BOC colours against the White & Gold of KBCNorth.

The Floating Reception Sign was also designed to not take away from the calm interior, even though the BOC colours are striking. The Reception Desk is the main control access point for the general public entering the premises. The BOC has incorporated the future direction of banking based on the global model that has been in effect for the past few years.

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and due to the Flagship status of the Hadjiosif Branch in Strovolos, Ai Architects pushed for the design of the safety screens to be tasteful as well as functional, avoiding the temporary solutions that can be found almost everywhere we go nowadays. If and when things return back to normal, the safety screens can be removed without causing damage to the customised furniture.