How do Design changes impact the Designer, Client & Project

by | Jan 13 | 2021

KBC North Entrance Lobby Ceiling – Case Study

What if Plan A can’t be implemented?

For the KBC North Entrance Lobby it was a case of just getting on with it. Practicing Architecture in Cyprus brings about the fortunate / unfortunate readiness to adapt to many unforeseen variables that can setback or even halt Projects. In this case, Ai Architects Proposed Design for the ceiling sculptural structure was put together during the Construction Phase and the overall weight allowance for anything of this magnitude to be hung off the existing building structure wasn’t considered during the Structural Design Phase. After a discussion with the Developer, Plan B was mobilised accordingly.

The result was a simplified version of the Initial Design.

The takeaway is to always have a Plan B that compliments the Initial Plan A and doesn’t impact the Design, Client & Project negatively.