CPO Geri Industrial Warehousing & Office Facilities

by | Nov 23 | 2020

cpo geri cover

The CPO Geri Industrial Area Warehousing & Office Facilities were Designed to act as part of the Company Premises.

Costas Papaellinas Organization and Cyprus Pharmaceutical Organization, is a leading importer, distributor and exclusive agent for a wide variety of products.

The Project is located in the Industrial Area of Geri on the outskirts of Nicosia. The Building has been designed based on Client necessities, with the possibility of Two different Companies being able to House within the same building with separate access points, with independent Loading & Unloading Areas. The Design came about based on many parameters but the main one was the accessibility to the Plot due to elevation differences at the road, the necessary safety zone for the river embankment at the back and the Public Green allocated from the Initial Project Lot Area due to the creation of a Plot from a Lot. From the North, access is to the Lower Level and from the South, access is to the Ground Floor Level. The Lower Level Houses the Storage & Offices for this Level including General Covered Parking for the Project. The GF Houses the Storage & Offices for this Level including a Mezzanine Level that Houses Office Space.

The building is mainly designated for the storage of CPO merchandise that also includes specialised Pharmaceutical storage necessities (refrigeration / controlled temperature rooms). 10% of the buildup is designated to Office Space that supports the day to day warehousing functions.

Ai Architects approach to this Project was to move away from the standardised warehouse type design without breaking the bank. This was achieved by making small changes to the external facade (mainly made up of sandwich panels), keeping the standard portal frame approach to stay cost weary and allowing for the necessary large spans in the process. The deviation from the norm being that the sandwich panels have vertical protrusions based on the Design direction, to breakaway from the standardised boxed look.